Yogmaya Healing heals the spiritual ignorance of the practitioner. Yogmaya is a combination of two words – Yoga and Maya. Yoga means to unite, and Maya means the Illusion. Thus, Yogmaya is the ultimate freedom from the illusion of Nature by integrating the two opposite forces existing in the nature. These opposite forces are called duality that hides the reality by creating a very strong illusion at a mind level. This duality splits the reality into two equally opposite forces; for instance, man/woman, dark/light, yin/yang to name a few. Where, one force plays an active role, other just adapts to it give it a passive form. Yogmaya healing helps to break the veil of the illusion by filling your innerself with the light of divine wisdom that assists you in seeing the real picture. Yogmaya healing also opens your doorways for liberation - the ultimate goal of your life journey on Earth.

Benefits from the Course

  • Healing at all levels
  • 3rd Eye activation
  • Freedom from illusions
  • Freedom from karmic bondages
  • Union with the Higher Self

Course Levels

  1. Healer Level 
  2. Master Level  

Free Yourself from Nature's Illusion

Welcome Yogmaya in your life