Violet Flame

Violet Flame Healing helps in restoring the balance in your four bodies - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It sets free the tough and dense diseased energies trapped in your DNA spirals and restores their perfect blueprint.

Violet Flame is a luminous and intelligent energy with an ultraviolet frequency that triggers an alchemical process within you. It is a powerful adjunct for all ground breaking efforts in the higher consciousness. Violet Flame transmutes the negative energies stored in your atoms in the form of the residue of the negative thoughts, feelings, habits, and beliefs. As one begins to use the violet flame, one starts experiencing a feeling of joy, lightness, hope, and a newness of life.

Violet Flame healing also proves to be very effective in eliminating the dark energies from your auric field in the form of spirit attachments, black magics, and psychic attakcs. It also envelops your auric field with the strong violet flame and doesn't allow any kind of negativity to disturb your energy bodies.

Benefits from the Course

  • Deep healing at a cellular level
  • Dispels all kinds of black magics and their negative effects
  • Removes the psychic attacks
  • Change the negative thoughts, feelings, and habits into positive ones
  • Cleanses the negative energies of a space
  • Transmutes body diseases into health
  • Strengthens the Aura
  • Creates a strong protection shield that no external negativity can break
  • Fills life with positivity, health, peace, and joy

Work with Violet Flame and transmute negativity into positivity