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yasmin buy Universal Laws are the laws of the Cosmos that play an important role in the harmonious functioning of different objects present in the Universe. These laws are applicable universally, and also govern and affect the human life. The laws are working with a higher consciousness; and hence, can not be manipulated by anyone for the fulfillment of his wrongful wishes. Universal laws are meant to be understood, to be respected, and to be obeyed by each inhabitant of the Universe to live a divine life without disturbing the Universal and personal harmony. 

A lack of knowledge about the Universal laws create various kinds of problems in an individual's life and traps him in a never ending cycle of karmic patterns, whose keys are missing! It bceomes almost impossible for a person to free him from these tough karmic chains without aligning his actions with the Universe.

About Our Course

  • We educate you about all the laws that are controlling your life and you are not even aware of this fact
  • We don't just pass on the theoretical knowledge; rather, make you clear about the in-depth meaning of each law through live examples

Benefits from the Course

  • You receive the life keys to free yourself from the negative karmic patterns of your life
  • You can align your life with the Universe and find many doors of divine help opened for you to make your life easy
  • This course helps you to understand the game of Illusion/Maya, and it loses its power over you
  • Your life become more simplified, harmonious, divine, and easy to manage
  • Your ascension process becomes fast

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