Anatomy And Physiology Of Three Human Bodies

Body anatomy and physiology is the knowledge of the structure and functioning of the different human bodies. Usually, this term is used in context of the physical body only; while, in truth, a human body exists at three different levels. All the three bodies play an important role in forming your reality and quality of your life. Therefore, it becomes important for you to have a proper knowledge about the anatomy and Physiology of the three human bodies, their role in forming your life, and their correlation with each other in order to lead an overall healthy and prosperous life.

Three Human Bodies Are

  1. Physical Body - This body is visible to all, and can be touched, felt, and perceived by the five ordinary senses
  2. Astral body - This body can not be perceived by the ordinary five senses, but, needs extra sensory powers (also known as psychic powers) to be discerned
  3. causal Body - This is the highest and subtlest body among the three and can be known only by evolving in consciousness

About Our Course

  • We Educate you about the anatomy and physiology of all the three bodies
  • We make you understand the disease process, and how problem in one body results in malfunctioning of the other two bodies
  • We explain you the ways to create a harmony among these three bodies to make your life overall healthy and balanced

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