Tarot Cards Reading

Tarot cards reading is a form of divination tool that helps you to understand your present and past situations, actions, and behaviors. The seventy-eight cards are the 78 major and minor paths of life that each person has to walk. Cards are a way to understand your unique life journey, the path you are travelling, obstacles of your path, and ways to overcome that. Tarot cards deal with different areas of your life; for instance, health, work, mind, emotions, relations, love, finance, karmic patterns, karmic blocks, karmic learnings, habits, character, and spiritual evolution. 

Tarot Decks We Teach

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

Rider Waite

Osho Zen

Aleister Crowley

About the Classes

  • Course duration is 15-20 hrs
  • You can attend the classes in presence and also online. You will receive the same quality of our service
  • We provide you an in-depth knowledge about the 78 cards and their significance in your life
  • We introduce you with the concept of basic numbers, five nature elements, crystals,  and colour psychology to enhance your reading; however, we also provide knowledge about the zodiac signs, and Kabbalah in Aleister Crowley deck
  • Throughout the class, we show patience and understanding with you. Once you are in our class, your education becomes our responsibility
  • By the end of the course, you find a tremendous change in your perspective towards yourself, your situations, and life experiences
  • After your successful completion of course, we reward you with our certificate

Benefits From the Course

  • This course will help you to know and understand your past and present situation, and possible future 
  • You will get an understanding about yourself - your strengths and weaknesses
  • You will start living your life with an evolved understanding
  • Your life will become more meaningful and aligned with your soul purpose

Doors of Wisdom are Open for You

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