Is Suicide Really a Freedom from Sufferings?

Suicide has become the most hazardous disease of the modern time period. Usually, people with low self-esteem think about self-harm; however, ego,  guilt, lack of faith in the creation, self-hatred, uncontrolled thoughts & emotions, feeling of helplessness,  are another few reasons of committing suicide. From a small child to an old person, black to white, poor to rich, female to male - all think that suicide is the ultimate freedom from their sufferings, and they end up their life when they feel that they can't handle it anymore! None of them try to know "What after suicide?"

Suicide is a form of self-murder and it is equally counted as a crime as of killing any other living creature. One may try to justify this action by saying, "It is my life and I have full authority to decide whether I want to continue it or not". Yes, you are absolutely right, but at least once you should ask a few questions from yourself before deciding to end your precious life, which you got after defeating millions of sperms!

  1. Was there any purpose of your birth?
  2. Is your problem truly that big, or you don't have enough courage to overcome it?
  3. Is there really no-one to understand and help you?
  4. What after death?
  5. Is Suicide really a freedom from your sufferings, or you are in an illusion of freedom?

Let me help you to get an insight into these questions

  1. Not a single life upon the planet is useless, then how come yours be? You need to find your unique life purpose, instead of ending your life!
  2. It is not the problem, but, our perspective to see a problem that makes it big or small. Try to know where are you lacking, instead of killing yourself!
  3. Every problem has its solution hidden within the problem. You need to search for someone who could help you see the solution, instead of feeling helpless!
  4. After death, you will be born again and will repeat the same pattern with multiplied problems. Find the pattern and break it now, don't spoil your next life by shifting your current patterns to it!
  5. Suicide, in no way, is a freedom from sufferings. If you really want to become free, end your problem, and not your life!

Your life is precious, don't be in a hurry to kill yourself. Suicide will not free you from your problems, it is only going to make your next life a hell! Look around, solution is nearby you - you only need to see and take a positive move towards it.

Nitu Gupta

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