"Spirituality" is an introductory crash course, for the people who want to live a spiritual life, but either they don't know much about spirituality, or, are misguided by the fake spiritual teachers.

In the modern age of education, most of the people are in search of the meaning and purpose of their life. More and more people are awakening and they are understanding that spirituality is their true nature. Only a life lived in a spiritual way can bring true happiness and abundance. 

These people don't know what spirituality exactly is? They are even so busy in their routine tasks that they don't have time to find the right spiritual mentor, or to devote time in self-communion. For all such people, we have designed our crash course in Spirituality, in a simplified layman’s language, with a purpose of giving clarity about the spiritual life by removing the wrong beliefs about the word "Spirituality".

About the Course:

  • A short duration course.
  • Explained in a simplified layman's language.
  • Teaches to use your own logics and question all that is told to you.
  • All the knowledge is experiential.
  • Provides answers of all the major questions about spirituality.
  • Works as a foundation for a healthy and happy life.

Who Need this Course?

Each person who is in search of a meaningful, happy and prospered life, needs this course.


  • You would be in a position to make your own choices about your life instead of accepting other’s definitions for you.
  • Your perspective to understand the things will be broadened. 
  • You will find improvement in your relationships and your dealings with other people.
  • You would be able to break the old chains of wrong beliefs passed onto you through generations. 
  • Your life will become more secured, and contended.
  • You will pursue your carrier in the field that nourishes your inner being and also fill your life with abundance.
  • You will gain many health benefits.
  • New doorways for better, free, happy, and abundant life will be opened for you.

Course Module:

1- Meaning of Spirituality and Spiritual Life.

2-Beliefs about Spirituality

3- Spirit and its Qualities 

4- Need For a Spiritual Life

5- Relationship between Spirituality and a Happy & fulfilled Life

6- Exercise to know your true Potential

7- Ways to become Spiritual.

Course Duration:

5 Hours


2999 INR Only.


Start a New Chapter of Life Today


Mmystic Knot is the best learning place

Learning is the best experience when it is with Mmystic knot, a place where I found my own self

Kaushal R

Great knowledge with great practices

I highly recommend MMystic Knot for any help required to life problems. Nitu has got a great potential to spread the knowledge and practices which help a lot of individuals.  All the best from my side for her future endeavors”


Brought the best out of me

Ms Nitu has a natural aura of positivity around her. Her dedication and complete knowledge on each subject is a source of inspiration for me. As the saying goes, good becomes the best under the hands of a right master ….she has brought the best out of me on this journey.

Shruti Karnami

I am proud to be associated with Mmystic knot

I have known you since 2013, and I am proud to be associated with you. I am sure whosoever has ever approached you for counseling, has got the proper guidance if they have been receptive enough to receive it. I am eternally grateful for your guidance through counseling sessions and workshops.  Thank you


Mmystic Knot is a doorway to Self-realisation, Self-acceptance, and Self-progress

Mmystic Knot is a doorway to self-realisation, self-acceptance, and self-progress. Nitu is a true example of faith, wisdom, strength, and freedom. My journey to find my purpose of life started with Mmystic knot and I'm still working upon me with Nitu. Thank you

Tajeet Kaur

In Mmystic Knot, complicated concepts are explained in a simplified language

Mmystic Knot has given me the solid grounds to think in the positive and divine way, which I was not knowing before. Before coming in contact with Nitu di, I was stuck in my emotional pains and was not able to see life in Life. In her guidance I started healing myself and today, I am out of those pains. She is a true mentor who guides me to make healthy choices in life. I always receive wisdom and love from her. I have learned many healing courses from Mmystic knot and I have also completed two levels of Liberation courses. The knowledge was deep and vast, which was not easy for me to grasp; but, she made me understand in the simplest way. 'Making the complicated things simple', is one of her best qualities. Thank you for being there for me.

Pari Jay

Your knowledge is very deep

Your knowledge is very deep and you provide the insights to live a meaningful life. Thank you.


It is always a great experience for me to learn with Mmysticknot

It is always a great experience for me to learn with Mmysticknot. I did Merlin Trinity Healing, Magnified Light Phase & Lama Fera here. These all three are gem of my treasure. A passionate teacher with great wisdom meaning Mmystic knot. Thank you very much to be with me always. I hope I could be part of some more learnings with you. Happy learnings.


I have found a great change in me

I have found a great change in me through your Spiritual education. Thanks alot ma

Santharas Muthuswami