Shiva Healing

Shiva Healing energies heal the three important aspects of your life – destruction of all that is no longer needed and is harmful for your growth, a creation of something new that you truly need to fulfill your purpose of life, and sustenance of that which is created. It is a masculine energy that makes you  confident, focused, strong, goal-oriented, firm and tough maintaining a proper balance with your feminine aspect. Benefits from the Course

  • Removes fear and fills you with courage and confidence
  • Makes you goal oriented and focused
  • Strengthens your will power
  • Helps you in decision making and its implementation
  • Bestows overall health
  • Balances emotions
  • Creates space for new and better things in life
  • Helps to take back financial, emotional, and mental powers from others

watch Course Levels

  • Basic Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Master Teacher Level