Runes reading is an ancient technique to receive and understand divine messages. Runes are basically the alphabetical signs that are usually carved on stones or wood. Runes are known for their magical powers, which is manifested in your life when you allow the rune’s energies to work freely for you. A good runes reader, who exactly knows how to create an alchemy in life using nature’s forces, can make this magic happen. Our Course helps you to understand the meaning of each rune and receive your divine message. This course is also an initiation of Master Odhin's wisdom and his magical powers of creating alchemy in your life. This knowledge further helps you to complete your life journey happily and with least hurdles.

About Our Classes

  • Course duration is 15-20 hrs
  • We initiate and explain the meaning of 24 runes in depth
  • We teach you to make a runes spread and read runes message in that
  • We will teach you to make runes healing mandala
  • Once you are in our class, your education becomes our responsibility
  • After your successful completion of course, we reward you with our certificate

Benefits From the Course

  • This course is an initiation to the wisdom of higher level
  • You get an in depth understanding about the energies working in your current situation, and also get a guidance to change the energies to get your desired results