Psychic Protection


Psychic protection is safeguarding us psychically from the negativity of our external environment. We all communicate at an energy level. One person's energy can easily disturb other person's energy if other person is psychically not protected. This disturbance results in mood wings, abnormal behaviour, stress, mental uneasiness, loss of memory, nightmares, loss of self-confidence, fears, and sudden illness, which can not be explained.

For the above reasons, it becomes important to strengthen our aura so that external negativity could not touch our etheric energy body and we remain always healthy and at peace. 

We have designed our Psychic protection course in two levels. 

1- Basic Course

2- Advanced Course

In our course, we initiate and teach to create different kinds of auric shields. Basic level shields are for the beginners and usually work for a shorter duration, while advanced level shields are very strong shields that can work even for 30 days.