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Pendulum dowsing is a wonderful technique to find the answer to all your day to day queries and doubts. It is an art of communicating with the subconscious mind and to the divine power. This is a divine technique with unlimited uses in all walks of life, and therefore, it is also called divination tool to get answers of life and all that is hidden from us.

Pendulum dowsing is simply a sensibility of humans to vibrations or frequencies emitted by other humans, animals, plants, objects, thoughts, events, even if they are microscopic or macroscopic, or if they come from the past or the future. As everything that exists in the universe comes from the same source, it is but normal, that there is an influence of one thing on another. This sensitivity can be transformed in muscular movements (reflex movements), which are able to move a pendulum.

In our pendulum dowsing course, you will learn the special techniques of communicating to the angels of the mystical world and you will also explore the memories of your own subconscious mind. You will learn to heal your blocked chakras through pendulum. With a period of time, you will experience that your 6th sense is becoming stronger and your divine connection is strengthened.