Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a technique to make the subconscious memories - conscious. A good Past Life Regression session can help you to exactly know the cause of your current life situations, which you are otherwise not able to understand. This knowledge helps you to solve your old karmic patterns to live your present life fully. But the question arises, DO PAST LIVES EXIST?

Have You Ever Noticed?

You are different from your siblings and friends!

Your life situations, way of feeling, thinking, behaving, and dealing a situation is different from others!

You feel special for someone without knowing that person!

You have everything; yet, you are not happy as if you are searching for something, but don't know what???

If a problem is there, it must have some cause elsewhere; and that cause is nowhere, but in your past actions, whose memory is imprinted on your subconscious mind. Your subconscious memory, though it is hidden from you, is very much a part of your life and is controlling almost 95% activities of your brain. We help you to access your past memories to find out the answers of your life questions, which you otherwise, are not able to.


About Our PLR Session


We Conduct a Session in Three Parts

  1. Consultancy: We understand your case and explain you all about the session
  2. Regression: We help you explore your past lives to find your answers and also heal your past wounds during the session
  3. Counseling: After the session, we help you understand your karmic patterns and guide you the ways to break those patterns

Total duration is 4-5 hrs

Benefits from  the Session

  • Bring the cause of your problem into your awareness
  • Provide you an opportunity to free yourself from the blocked energies of the past that are disturbing your present life
  • Help you overcome fears, phobias, and other issues related to behavior and mind
  • Your life will become more meaningful and beautiful

Your story is just one step away from you, waiting to be unfolded by you


What Our Clients Say

My PLR experience with mam was so rewarding

I was struggling with various problems in my life and had totally lost all the peace and serenity. Then I came to know about PLR therapy. When I first contacted Mam, without giving a second thought I went to meet her, discussed about the therapy, then we began with our first session, where my experience was so rewarding. I could actually sense the situation, with the counseling provided by mam, I could overcome my previous blocks. Mam helped me to understand the whole concept of PLR. Not only this, but she counseled in such a way that I could regain all the peace which I had lost long back.  Thanks mam


Very much satisfied with the entire process

I was going through a complicated relationship with my boyfriend. Through PLR session, I came to know the reason of these complications and I also got clarity about my next step towards this relationship. Whatever I had seen during the regression, was not easy for me to accept but thanks to mam, she helped me to accept the things in a positive way and release the past pain. Today I am very calm and have found my inner peace. This is not the end I would like to be in touch with mam in future also.  Thanks You

Shweta Kulkarni

Now my life is more balanced

My mother was bedridden and I was taking care of her as a full time nurse. My own married life was disturbing and I was not able to work outside. I was jobless till 2 years, and I could not understand why these things were happening and how long will they go? And what should I do in such circumstances. In my session I saw the reason of my mother’s problem. After that, I started creating a balance in my life. Now I pay her my attention, but I am also fulfilling my other responsibilities after knowing the reason of her problem. This session was really very helpful for me. Thanks


Thanks for your after session guidance

I had gone for a PLR session to understand the reason of my problematic relationship with my father. It was approximately 2 hrs session and I came to know the reason. I am shocked to see how the same old pattern is repeating in my life. Thanks to mam, who guided me how to break this pattern and come out of it. At least, now I have the key! Thank you for your loving guidance. 


Your session removed my driving phobia

I am a very confident person, but had driving phobia. During my PLR session, I clearly saw my death in a car accident. with mam's help, I am healing this fear and it is just 30% left now. Thanks alot