Past life Regression

Your subconscious mind is a hard disk that has stored the data of all your previous life's experiences either good or bad, in the form of memories, feelings, thoughtforms, and beliefs. Past Life Regression is a powerful technique to get an access to your subconscious mind and find out the reasons of your problems you are facing in your present life, whose cause is cpmpletely unknown to you. Through our Past Life Regression course, we educate you about the concept of birth, death, and reincarnation, and the special technique of conducting a PLR session on others and self.

About the Course

  • We provide A-Z theoretical and practical knowledge about the concept of past life and past life regression
  • We provide you knowledge about subconscious mind, death and rebirth, and karmic patterns
  • We teach you to find out the cause of a problem in the past, and ways to heal the past memories
  • We clarify all your doubts and help you in your learning process
  • Once you are in our class, your education becomes our responsibility

Benefits from the Course

  • This course enable you to explore your past lives and also of others
  • It strengthens your connection with the creation, and life becomes more meaningful to you

Don't remain a stranger to yourself

Explore your past lives