you could try here Mudra hand yoga is the ancient science of healing through finger postures. When different fingers form a variety of mudras, they act as powerful energy conductors that connect through the system of energy channels called nadis, restoring the balance of the five elements and thereby benefitting us physically, mentally and spiritually. Mudras can be described as psychic, emotional, devotional and aesthetic gestures or attitudes. In Yoga mudras denote the finger and hand gestures and movements used in the performance of dances, rituals and rites and while engaging in spiritual exercises such as meditation. Mudras symbolically express inner feelings and inner psychological states. They also generate various qualities such as fearlessness, power, charity and peace in the practitioner and to on-lookers. It is based on the premise that; our fingers are continuously emitting various kinds of vital energy, electric waves and aura. 

According to modern science, the human hand contains about 100,000 nerves with each fingertip having around 3,000 nerve receptors. The hand constitutes an extremely large proportion of the brain's cortex with each area of the hand linked to a different part of the brain. Thus, when pressure is applied to the fingers and hands; we activate pressure points, thereby stimulating related brain areas, give messages to the energy system and change brain patterns.

Mudra hand yoga course helps in balancing the five elements in the body through simple, but very effective techniques, which brings harmony in all areas of life.