Melchizedek Symbols

The Melchizedek Symbols Healing is a system of quick healing through holograms and symbols.

A hologram is a sacred pattern through which, the entire creation came into existence. All the Universal forms and shapes are derived from the hologram; and hence, a holographic healing is highly effective in healing the DNA pattern of an individual.

The Melchizedek symbols are the symbols of life that are actually created within the human construct. These symbols together with the hologram make the cellular level healing of a soul’s original blue print very fast. So the body becomes faster in self-healing after the attunement to the symbols. These symbols equip you with personal power, unconditional love, service, and leadership qualities.

Melchizedek symbols, in a very subtle manner, help you to gain your personal power in form of freedom, communication, decision making , and confidence in self.  Symbols also teach you to love self and others unconditionally, and the true meaning of service and leadership.

In our classes, we not only initiate you with the symbols; rather explain the depth of each symbol's meaning and purpose in your life, so that you could shift your vibrations from a lower plane to a higher realm.

Benefits from the Course

  • Fast Healing through holograms and symbols
  • Overall health
  • Relationship healing
  • Cultivates the divine qualities
  • Beautifies Internally and Externally
  • Creates balance at all levels of life
  • Helps in increasing the immunity
  • Fasten Recovery process
  • Fills the practitioner with peace and joy 

Course Levels

  1. Level I - Planetary Symbols
  2. Level II - Universal Symbols
  3. Level III - Multi Universal Symbols
  4. Level IV - Galactic Symbols   

Get an initiation of the dual power of symbols and hologram