Liberation means FREEDOM. Freedom from all pains, ignorance, karmas, attachments, diseases, wrong beliefs, fears, insecurities, negative people, and also from the cycle of birth and death. Liberation doesn't mean "Running away from life", rather it means "Living a life as per our divine nature being free from the limitations of the matter body and the matter world". 

We have designed our course "Liberation - the ultimate freedom" after experiencing the different areas of human life, its limitations, nature's laws affecting it, forces that are binding it, and God's ways of working. This is a unique course of its own type because it covers almost everything that an individual need to know, who desires for liberation. 


enter About the Course:

  2. This course is for the people who are already awakened and have started searching for their answers to solve the unknown mystery of life.
  3. It is a collection of Highest Knowledge, Practical experiences, Devotion, Healings, and Mentoring.
  4. It is about understanding your life with a broaden perspective.
  5. Entire course is conducted in a simplified layman's language to make it easily understandable for people irrespective of their age, gender, education.
  6. All the knowledge provided through this course is EXPERIENTIAL in nature. This is a collection of not just the theoretical concepts; but, the truth known through life experiences.
  7. Each student will be given personal attention, assistance, and guidance wherever it is required.
  8. Our course Doesn't support or promote any religion. We believe only in one religion - Religion of humanity and divinity. 
  9. This course is free from all kinds of dogmatic practices; superstitions, and wrong beliefs. It is based upon the divine philosophy of balance, freedom, oneness, and equality.
  10. We don't ask our students to blindly what is told to them; rather, teach them to question all the knowledge , meditate upon it and accept only with their soul consciousness. 


follow url Why you need this course?

1- You are facing different kinds of problems, challenges, pains, unwanted situations and forces that are raising questions in you and we want to know the answers of all your whys. These questions are:

  • Why I have problems?
  • What is life?
  • How life begins and how it ends? And what after that?
  • Why do I die?
  • Why my loved ones die?
  • Why I feel pain, separations, and loneliness?
  • Why I feel myself helpless? Who is controlling my life?
  • Why am I unhappy? Why cant I achieve all that I want?
  • Why cant I have money, and relations like my friend has?
  • What is wrong with my life that I always meet failure?
  • Why I have to compromise?
  • What am I doing on Earth? Is there any other home of mine apart from Earth?
  • Is there anybody who could listen to me, or help me?
  • Is there something like God, creator, Father, ruler, king?
  • If yes, then why cant I see that identity? Where that entity lives? How to talk to that entity?
  • Why I become ill?
  • Why everyone tries to control my decisions?
  • Am I born only for others? Don’t I have a right to think about me?
  • What is religion? Who created this? Why I am Hindu/Christian?
  • How can I live a happy, abundant, healthy, loved, and free life where I am always happy?

2- To harmonize your life and fulfil your purpose of existence.

3- To solve life’s riddle and create the life you desire for, with the help of Universe.

3- To evolve yourself into a higher being

4- To liberate yourself from all the diseases, burdens, chains, limitations and Emerge as a free human being.


follow url Course Benefits:

  1. You will have the knowledge to make healthy choices for you.
  2. You will find your true self and your lost connection with your source and get guidance for your actions.
  3. You would be able to protect yourself from evil’s tricks and temptations.
  4. You will be able to complete your karmic learnings and make your life more peaceful and evolved.
  5. You will be able to heal your diseases and gain a state of complete health.
  6. You will be able to differentiate between right and wrong, light and darkness.
  7. You will be able to replace your unhealthy habits with the healthy ones.
  8. You will understand divine laws and will be able to design your life being aligned with the Universe.
  9. Your ESP will start developing.
  10. You will find the keys to liberation.


What will you learn?

 The entire course is divided into three levels:

Level one - Knowledge about Self

 Level one will help you gain knowledge about your true self, its source, the creation whose part it is, the life it is living, its different bodies and their physiology, nature where it exists, and the laws that are affecting its life. This level will also help you to understand the spirituality in scientific terms through quantum science.


2- Level Two - Labyrinth of Life

Life’s journey is like passing through a labyrinth - Many paths, but no clarity about where will it end? Second level will help you to understand the forces that are working in the nature and are continuously affecting your choices and actions. You will know about the sub-conscious mind and its role in creating your current reality. This level will also help you to understand your weaknesses, so that you could strengthen them. This knowledge will help you to understand the difference between illusion and reality, divine and evil. Once you have this knowledge, you can easily come out of the labyrinth of the life.


3- Level Three - Liberation

Third level is the action plan for liberation – answer of your hows? This level will provide you the keys to open the locked doors of your life to release your karmic burden, balance your life, and to free yourself at all levels of your existence. It is a level of practically applying your knowledge in the guidance of your mentor who has travelled the path, which you are going to begin.