Lama Fera

Lama Fera is a highly effective Buddhist healing technique. It is a combination of two words - Lama and Fera. Lama means anyone who follows the path of light, and Fera represents a healing ritual, practiced in Lama fera healing modality. Application technique of Lama-Fera healing is not the same as with most of the other energy healing systems. This healing is a blend of combinations and ritual. Lama Fera Healing removes your spiritual ignorance, and makes your enlightenment process fast. Lama Fera is one such healing modality that is especially effective in removing the impact of all kinds of black magics and other types of negative and dark energies from your auric field, or your space.

Benefits from the Course

  • Removes black magic and its negative impact
  • Eliminates spirit attachments
  • Opens up ways to attract abundance
  • Provides various health benefits
  • Dispels all kinds of negativities from your body, aura , and space
  • Fills your inner being with the light of wisdom
  • Teaches you to see the reality being non-judgemental

Course levels

  1. Basic Level 
  2. Advanced Level
  3. Master Teacher Level 

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