kabbalah - The Tree of Life

Kabbalah - The Tree of Life, is the ancient science of understanding different stages of dissension and ascension of the consciousness from divine to matter, and matter to divine. This knowledge is presented through 11 sephirots and 22 life paths. Study of Kabbalah, not only assists you in your evolution process; but, it also helps you to create a balance between your two opposite aspects i.e. yin/yang, masculine/feminine, intellect/feelings, flexibility/firmness and so on.

Kabbalah helps you to know your position at the evolution ladder and to choose your ascension path. It reveals the great mysteries of manifestation of your thoughts into visible forms.

About Our Course

  • We explain you in-depth about the meaning of each sephirot and each path in your practical life
  • You learn about the creation process in the universe, and also in your life
  • You get an understanding about the dual opposite forces working in your life, and the ways to balance these

Benefits from the Course

  • You understand your life journey in a better way
  • You start evolving at a fast rate
  • Your life become more balanced, more fulfilled, and complete

Doors of Higher Dimensions are Open for You

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