I-Ching Reading

I Ching is a Chinese oracle that helps you to understand your life through different forces that exist in nature. It involves determining the hexagrams by a method of random generation and then understanding the meaning of those hexagrams in life with the help of the great Chinese master of wisdom "Tao". It is a complex art of studying your surrounding situation by understanding the nature elements, and it is remarkably informative, accurate, and helpful.

About the Classes

  • Course duration is 15-20 hrs
  • You can attend the classes in presence and also online. You will receive the same quality of our service
  • We provide you an in-depth knowledge about the different forces working in the nature and their significance in your life
  • We teach you to make hexagrams and study their meaning in life
  • Throughout the classes, we show patience and understanding with you. Once you are in our class, your education becomes our responsibility
  • After your successful completion of course, we reward you with our certificate

Benefits From the Course

  • This course enable you to trace out the disharmony in your life and to restore the balance with the help of nature elements
  • 64 hexagrams are the 64 wisdom keys that helps to open up your wisdom
  • You become capable of making right decisions in the difficult situations of life
  • You start living your life with an evolved understanding
  • Your Life becomes more meaningful and aligned with your soul purpose

Doors of Wisdom are Open for You

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