Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Online Services

1. What is better between online and in-presence service?

Both are equally effective. It entirely depends upon you, which method suits you the best.

2. Do you charge less for online services?

We deliver same quality in both the methods, and our prices are same for both the methods.

3. Does online initiation work?

It definitely works. What makes an initiation effective is, the evolution level of the initiator and a receptivity of the receiver, distance is just an illusion.

Healing and Healing Courses

1. What is healing?

It is a state of harmony at all levels - emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, financial, and social. It is a state of freedom from all the limitations, diseases, fears, pains, insecurities, negative thoughts.

2. How healing differs from a medical treatment?

Medical treatment works upon the symptoms, while healing works upon the root cause.

3. What can healing energy do for me?

Balance your emotions, help you think positive, restore health and balance in life, remove negative people from your life and open venues for the positive ones, help you break karmic patterns, overcome negative habits, control addiction, release emotional pain, and fill your life with peace, joy, and freedom.

4. Can it cure my medical ailments?

It may take time to see the expected results as healing works at the root cause, but for sure, it cures many medical diseases.

5. Can I continue other treatment with healings?

Yes, you can.

6. Does healing have any side effects?

No, not at all.

7. In how many days, my problem will be cured?

It entirely depends upon how deep rooted the problem is, and how dedicatedly you are healing yourself.

8. Can healing fulfil all my wishes?

No. It helps you fulfil only those wishes that are truly in your higher good and that doesn't interfere with nature's laws.

9. I can not see energy, how can I believe in something which I can not see?

Energies can be felt, the way we feel the air we breathe. The way you believe in the Almighty without seeing Him, you can believe in His healing energies also.

10. Do energy work through deceased spirits?


11. Why some people experience miracles; while, some don’t experience anything with initiation?

When all the conditions for healing are fulfilled, a person experiences miracles. When these conditions are not fulfilled, healing stop working for that person.

12. Does energy work through a lineage?


13. Is it important for me to learn all the healings?

No, not at all.

14. Do symbols make the healing fast?



Past Life Regression Therapy

1. Can anyone know his past life?


2. What if I am not able to handle my past?

Before conducting your session, we thoroughly examine whether you are prepared for a PLR session or not. Even then, if after the session, you face problem in accepting your past, we help you deal with that.