Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Mmystic Knot - Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Emerald Tablets are the words of Thoth's wisdom transcripted on tablets of different materials. Thoth is an ancient master, known for his wisdom, esoteric knowledge, magical powers of alchemy and healings. He used to educate and guide the high-priests and high-priestesses during the Atlantis period, "The Golden-age of the Earth". After the fall of Atlantis, and the beginning of the dark-age, Thoth along with other masters of wisdom, left the planet Earth. Since the Earth has shifted its movement from darkness towards light, all the masters have again started helping the souls who want to ascend to the higher dimensions. 

In Emerald Tablets, Thoth has revealed his keys of wisdom to complete the human life journey successfully and with least hurdles, and ways to get an entry into the higher realms, "The Kingdom of Heaven". However, for an ordinary and less evolved soul, it is not easy to read and unlock the wisdom of Thoth's words. Only those souls, who are desperately trying to free them from Earth's lower energies, will truly receive this knowledge.

About Our Course

  • In Our Course, we explain you the deep meaning of each line written on 12 tablets and offer you Thoth's wisdom keys of life that help you in your ascension process.

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