Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a part of human life since ancient civilisations. Crystals are special stones that work as energy transmitters. Apart from their unique chemical compositions and colour properties, they can also store information, which can be retrieved through meditation. Crystals can not only absorb the energy of a place or person; but, can also leave their stored energy, which creates a healing impact on the receiver.

Crystals healing is especially effective in dealing with the problems of physical body such as migraine, diabetes,  asthma, bone related diseases, and different kinds of physical pains. Crystals also heal other problems related to behaviour, addiction, stress, emotions, relationships, and also spirituality. Crystal healing is the most simple form of healing where practitioner only need to acquire the correct knowledge of recognizing and using the crystals, all other things are taken care by the stone itself. 

Our crystal healing course is divided into three levels:

1- Basic Course

2- Advanced Course

3- Crystal magic Course

Basic course is designed for the beginners to educate them about the basic stones, and their healing effect on our chakras. Advanced course is a deeper knowledge about the crystals and their different healing properties and techniques. Crystal magic is the course to manifest positive things in our life through crystal manifestations. Third level comes with some strong initiations that increases the manifestation powers of the healer.