Energy Healing Courses

Energy Healing is a form of cosmic medicine whose source is cosmos. As it comes from cosmos, it is very subtle and can not be seen or understood through our ordinary senses. It can either be felt or can be seen through our developed psychic faculties. However, a person can experience its soothing healing effect in his/body, at mind, and in different areas of life. Energy Healing can completely transform your reality. It has the power to penetrate into your cells, and change your DNA pattern to create your new reality of a healthy, wealthy, and happy person.

Energy Healing, being a cosmic product, works on universal intelligence. It already knows the cause and cure of each human problem. It is found to be very effective in dealing with various body ailments like slip disk, Arthritis,  diabetes, stress, depression, weight management, thyroid, menstruation problems, and even cancer. It not only heals the physical body, but it very effectively handles issues related to behavior and psychology. It helps to create harmony in different areas of life, which not only makes your life happy, but also helps in your spiritual evolution. 

We offer a variety of Energy Healing courses for the complete healing of body, mind, and soul. We have courses for the beginners who are stranger to the healing world; and also for the experienced practitioners, who want to establish them as healing teachers and initiators to live their life independently and also serving the humanity with God's healing gifts. 

Energy Healing Benefits

  • Eliminates your hidden fears
  • Replace your feelings of unworthiness with self-love
  • Removes your money blocks
  • Helps you to attract healthy relationships in your life and to create a harmony with the existing ones
  • Fills you with confidence, mental clarity, and balanced emotions
  • Heals the addictions
  • Aids you to take back your life control from others
  • Helps you to differentiate between right and wrong 
  • Facilitate you in weight management
  • Subsides anger, frustration, and stress
  • Sharpen your mind
  • Improves your verbal communication
  • Supports you in changing your rigid habits
  • Cures and protects you from black magics and psychic attacks
  • Makes your other treatment more effective
  • Opens up your Extra Sensory Powers
  • Assists you in your liberation

List of Our Courses

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Traditional Reiki

Spiritual Healing

Archangels Healing

Gaiadon Heart Healing

Karuna Reiki Healing

Lama Fera
Ark Vidya

Kundalini Reiki

Magnified Healing

Merlin Trinity
Melchizedek Symbols

Omni Reiki

Seichem Reiki

Mantra Healing

Violet Flame Healing

Yogmaya Healing

Spiritual Clearing

Merkaba Meditation

About Our Classes

  • We conduct classes in presence and also online and deliver the same quality of our service
  • Duration of each class is between 3-4 hours 
  • In our classes, we not only explain about the course; but, also explain the concept of healing in depth
  • We not only initiate you with the energy; but, also initiate you with our healing keys
  • Throughout the class, we show patience and understanding with you. Once you are in our class, your education becomes our responsibility
  • We feel pleasure in clarifying your doubts related to healing even after the class. You are always welcomed to send us an email or drop a message if you need a guidance about your topic
  • After the successful completion of the course, we reward you with our course certificate

Choose Health Over Disease, Peace Over Worries, Joy Over Sorrows


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What Our Clients Say About Us

Brought the best out of me

Ms Nitu has a natural aura of positivity around her. Her dedication and complete knowledge on each subject is a source of inspiration for me. As the saying goes, good becomes the best under the hands of a right master ….she has brought the best out of me on this journey.

Shruti Karnami

Mmystic knot taught me the true meaning of healing

Reiki or any spiritual art is very beautiful, it heals and gives us a divine path to walk. We find our own ground realities, and their solutions, not in our surroundings but in our soul. But here are some myths too exist, these myths have two reasons, one is business, and the other one is ignorance. I too was living in these, but after coming in contact with the Mmystic Knot, I received the correct knowledge and I could understand that reiki will never fulfill my wrong wishes; actually, it is helping me in defining my wishes (what exactly I need) & to overcome my own blocks. Any spiritual art does not to go against the divine order; but, it is to make our life and soul in the divine order. Thank you mam for broadening my knowledge


Mmystic Knot is developing a better manpower

I am a Reiki teacher & I am connected to spiritual healing arts since 3 years. In this journey I met Nitu Mam. I did Lama Fera and Merlin Trinity from her and also got guidance about my situations and healings. In each course, she served the best. And it is a feeling, that she gave me the spirit of the subject, not merely the content to forward ahead. A good teacher is a person who makes the best teachers for others. And she is developing a better manpower. God bless you. Thank You

A Reiki Teacher

Learning healing from Mmystic knot was my best step

I did Angel Healing therapy from mam. Till now, this is the best step I had taken. Mam helped me throughout and taught me the whole healing process step by step. From the day I have started healing with the angels my life has changed. I can always experience some supernatural positive energies acting upon my life. I am at peace with life; happy, satisfied. I have gained the lost faith as well as understood the truth of life through healing sessions. Now whenever I face any problem in life, I call my angels and they help me throughout. They have become part of my life and my life has actually changed. I am thankful to mam also for the counseling provided by her, as she took it in such a way that I could understand and see through the reality, which has helped me to find out the lost me. Thanks


My lost hope is revived with healing

I met with an accident a few years ago and lost co-ordination between my body parts, even my speech was not clear. I left all the hope in life and was waiting for my life to get over.Then I came across with Nitu and she helped me revive again by giving me hope and she also advised me to get a Reiki initiation. After that, I found many changes in me and I also learned the second level. I and people around me can see the changes in me. Its like a miracle. Thank You


Magnified healing helped me to conceive a baby

I wanted to have a baby but every time I used to conceive, I had to abort due to some medical problem. I learned and practiced Magnified healing and started finding myself filled with love and compassion. By the grace of Mother Kwan Yin, I conceived within a few months after practicing with the energies. After that I learned the Angel healing and Lama fera also. Today I am a mother of a cute baby. Thanks to Mother Kwan yin for blessing me with the baby and Nitu Mam for guiding me correctly and becoming a channel to connect with Mother Kwan yin. Thanks


My fibroids got dissolved

I had a problem of Fibroids and I could have gone through a surgery to remove them. When I learned and practiced lama Fera, my fibroids got dissolved. It was like a miracle in my life. I feel myself lucky to get a chance to come across these energies, which brought many positive changes in me. Thank you for introducing me to the miraculous energies


I was in deep depression

I was going through repeated relationships failure. I was in deep depression when I approached Nitu Di. Through her counseling session, I was able to understand the other side of the table. I have gone through the PLR session with di and she helped me to understand where I was going wrong in relationships and what need to be done now. I have also done Angel Healing course with Di and I can feel the blessings of Angel's in my life. I feel myself very Lucky to get in touch with her.


I have found a great change in me

I have found a great change in me through your Spiritual education. Thanks alot ma

Santharas Muthuswami