Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is the therapy of healing the body through different colours. Scientifically, it is proven that colours affect our mood and psychology according to their wavelength and intensity. Different colours have different properties; some induce a feeling of warmth in us, while others make us feel cool. Some colours make us feel low and depressive, while there are others that lift up our mood. 

Colours are found everywhere in nature and in our surrounding. Not only this, colours are also a part of our etheric body. Each of our chakra reflects its unique colour. Their colours reveal the condition of the chakra, and also the health of that person.

Colours are affecting us subconsciously whether we want or not. A proper understanding of colours helps us to use colours as a therapy in our life. We are in a position to make conscious colour choice according to our particular need, instead of subconsciously controlled by the colours that are causing harm to our health and also to our life.

Colour therapy course educates you about the different properties of colours and their effect on us internally as well as externally. This course further helps you to choose colours wisely and in the right amount so that they start leaving a healing effect on you and your life become more happy and beautiful.