A Broken Childhood Forms Weak Adults

Childhood is the most crucial stage in an individual's life. This is the foundation, where building blocks of character, personality, values, confidence, self-worth, love, understanding, and will-power are laid. Often, childhood's importance is not properly understood by the people who play an important role in a child's life formation. Unknowingly or unintentionally, a child's own parents and his dear ones becomes his worst enemies! They not only hurt a child physically; but, they also hurt him emotionally and mentally, which literally breaks a child's innocent spirit. With this broken childhood, a child starts growing, and is transformed into a weak adult. Outwardly this adult is fit and strong, but, from inside, she/he is broken and is not able to meet with life's challenges positively.

How a Child's Spirit is Broken?

  1. Physical hitting - Often, parents, teachers, and a child's care takers hit the child to release their frustrations because of their own inability of handling the stressful situations of their life. A child in his playfulness, many times hurt him physically and he also forgets those pains easily; but, when his dear ones hit him in anger and without any justified cause, a child's spirit is broken and he starts feeling unprotected and helpless.
  2. Sexual Abuse - Sex maniac people, who can not control their sexual instincts, usually search for a weak target to satisfy their urges - and what can be better than a small child? Things become worst when these people are a part of a child's close family. They scare the child not to tell anyone. The child who is not able to understand anything, starts denying his sexuality. The child starts living in pieces, which results in different kinds of sexual, gender, and relationships challenges throughout his/her life.
  3. Emotional Hurts - Blackmailing a child emotionally or making him feel guilty for your wrong actions and weaknesses, makes a child emotionally weak. The child never learns to balance his emotions in his life. Either he starts using the emotions to fulfill his wrongful desires, or creates a barrier between self and the world. Both of these are not a healthy way of living a life. 
  4. Mental hurts
  • Comparing a child with others and making him feel "not good enough"
  • Criticising the child in public
  • Using hard words like, "I wish you would have never born", "You have made my life a hell", "Because of you, I have to face humiliation". Such kinds of statements literally makes a child think that he is unloved, unworthy, unwanted, and he can not make anyone happy and satisfied.

The child starts growing with these low spirit breaking feelings. When these hurts are continued till a long period, these take a form of strong thoughtforms, which are really very difficult to change, even for an adult! Thus, a broken childhood results in weak adults, and weak adults become weak parents that further contribute in the making of a few more broken children. 

Now the question comes, is there any solution? How to break this cycle? and who is truly responsible?

The Answer is Very Simple

  • Each person is responsible for not working upon self. Without repairing your own inner child, you can not help your children in their growth.
  • Yes, solution is definitely there and we, at Mmystic Knot help people to repair their broken Spirits and to lead a healthy life being complete and balanced.

Nitu Gupta


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  1. Hi can i know how to help my child of 29 yrs whom i neglected because i was sick and lazy and how he is mentally physically emotionally psychologically and with acute stress became a hard smoker and now is having erectile dysfunction tks devi

    • Dear Devi,

      Firstly, stop feeling guilty. Your guilt won’t let you think positively. Try to make him understand your situation being polite and also get a consultancy session so that I could understand your case thoroughly. Don’t worry, all will be well.

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