Body Language


Body language is a form of non-verbal communication, which most of us use in our routine life, but, are not aware of. There are sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle movements, gestures, facial expressions and even shifts in our whole bodies that indicate something is going on. The way we talk, walk, see, sit, and stand, all say something about us. Whatever is happening inside can be reflected on the outside.

Words can be manipulated and are often deceiving; but, it is very difficult to manipulate the body gestures. This is one such course, which all of us shall learn in order to make our non-verbal communication more powerful and effective. 

By becoming more aware of the body language and understanding what it might mean, you can learn to read people more easily. This puts you in a better position to communicate effectively with them either it is in your person life or in professional life. What's more, by increasing your understanding of others, you can also become more aware of the messages that you convey to them.