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Bible - The New Testament, is a collection of many gospels written by different authors. Bible educates the humanity about the ways of living a life that is aligned with the divine principles. Often, Bible's message is not properly grasped by an ordinary person because of its dual meaning in life; and as a result, Bible's statements create various kinds of misunderstandings and confusions not only about the message; but, also about the self, divine principles, and the Creator.

Through our course, we provide our experiential knowledge that is testified in life with a higher consciousness, and is proven to be correct. 

About Our course

  • In our course, we cover all the wise statements given by The Jesus Christ, keeping aside the mythological stories related to Jesus's life
  • We not only explain you the meaning of Bible's statements in a theoretical way; but, also explain their practical implementation in life
  • We help you to differentiate between Evil and Divine, and also the ways to take your powers back from this negative energy - we call Evil
  • Our course helps you to recognize your spirit nature and strengthen your divine connection with the Holy Father
  • Our knowledge is based upon understanding, and not the fear

Benefits from the Course

  • You receive pure and filtered divine knowledge that can be used in life fearlessly
  • You will experience a positive transformation in you with your evolved understanding
  • This course will strengthen your divine connection and you won't feel lonely anymore
  • You will learn to live a divine life without any force or compromise; but, with complete understanding and acceptance
  • Your life will become more happy and meaningful

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