internet Abundance Healing

Abundance Healing is a course of attaining a state of fulfilment, security, and contentment where happiness and growth flourish. Scarcity is the opposite of abundance that hampers the growth of an individual. In order to lead a healthy and meaningful life, and to fulfil our divine purpose of birth, one must be abundant at all levels. Abundance shall be balanced in an individual’s life; else, it might result in lower emotions and various kinds of mental, physical, and spiritual agonies. 

Human beings exist at four levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual; and therefore, abundance also exists at four levels creating harmony with each other.

Physical level abundance includes the fulfilment of all the needs of the body so that a person could take care the needs of his body and shall focus upon his/her soul purpose.

Emotional level abundance is the fulfilment at emotional level. This includes receiving and giving pure love, care, and protection.

Mental level abundance is defined as mental peace, clarity of mind, ability of differentiating between right and wrong, intelligence.

Spiritual level abundance is the availability of all that is required for the nourishment of the Spirit. This includes knowledge of Self, a connection with the Source, Power to attract all that we need, and a feeling of belongingness.

Abundance Healing course is an initiation of very powerful abundance symbols, affirmations, and abundance mantras that help the practitioner to understand the reasons of his scarcities in life, to remove those causes, and to open up ways for the real abundance that is permanent and fills all the areas of life with divine wealth.