My name is Sugandha. I am an MBA student. I have been staying in pune city from last 7 years. As other normal people, I was struggling with various problems in my life. I had totally lost all the peace and serenity. I was a spiritual person but I was so lost and engrossed in life that even I forgot the meaning of spirituality.

Then I came to know about PLR therapy. When I first contacted Mam, without giving a second thought I went to meet her, discussed about the therapy, then we began with our first session, where my experience was so rewarding. I could actually sense the situation and with the counseling provided by mam, I could overcome my previous blocks. Anandi mam helped me to understand the whole concept of PLR. Not only this, but she counseled in such a way that I could regain all the peace which I had lost long back.

Anandi mam suggested me with the Angel Healing therapy. Till now this is the best step I had taken. She helped me throughout and taught me the whole healing process step by step.

From the day I have started healing with the angels my life has changed. I can always experience some supernatural positive energies acting upon my life. I am at peace with life; happy, satisfied. I have gained the lost faith as well as understood the truth of life through healing sessions. Now whenever I face any problem in life, I call my angels and they help me throughout. They have become part of my life and my life has actually changed. I am thankful to the counseling provided by Mam, as she took it in such a way that I could understand and see through the reality, which has helped me to find out the lost me.



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