Ritu Kaushal

Reiki or any spiritual art is very beautiful, it heals and gives us a divine path to walk. We find our own ground realities, and their solutions, not in our surroundings but in our soul. But here are some myths too exist, these myths have two reasons, one is business, and the other one is ignorance.

I too was living in these, but after coming in contact with the Mmystic Knot, I received the correct knowledge and I could understand that reiki will never fulfill my wrong wishes; actually, it is helping me in defining my wishes (what exactly I need) & to overcome my own blocks. Any spiritual art does not to go against the divine order; but, it is to make our life and soul in the divine order.
If someone says, “that I can resolve any of your your problem by Reiki”, it is the moment one loses one’s way because Reiki works for the “highest good” & only God know what is our highest good, so how can a person fulfill his wrongful desires by using Reiki? By these all efforts, we are creating a karmic clutter only. No one can delete our karma, we have to heal them by our own understanding & leanings. Any tarot card is not to define your future; they are talking about your present situations and your present actions. Each card is positive, there is nothing negative. This is the time to overcome the myths and connect to our own soul.

Thank you, Anandi Mam for broadening my knowledge.

Ritu kaushal

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