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Jai Prakash

I did Lama Fera from Mmystic knot. Some sort of negativity was attached to me that used to stop me by creating some obstacles or giving negative thoughts, to proceed on the path of my spiritual growth. every time I used to think to Go for some course, I could not go. I made my will power strong and went for the course. The whole workshop was amazing.

After the class my bike suddenly stopped working. Somehow I managed to go to the nearest fuel station, even then it was not working. I got frustrated and that negativity started giving me negative thoughts and I literally started thinking “why did I go there?”. I was frustrate, then suddenly a few auto riksha drivers approached me and offered me help. Previously also I used to stuck in such types of problem and was never able to get help. This was really a surprise for me. They helped me and dropped me to my home. The whole night I was trying to understand this incidence.

Then next day a client of our Co. made a return complaint about my work to my boss, though I was not at fault. It was again like an uninvited problem, but this time I controlled the negative thoughts and had trust in God and faced the situation humbly and boldly. Then I saw another Miracle. The client apologized and appreciated my work. This is something as if somebody else is working for me. I am feeling very good, since I have done this course.

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