Jai Prakash

I did Lama Fera from Mmystic knot. Some sort of negativity was attached to me that was not allowing me to take an initiative on my spiritual path. This time also it tried to stop me; but, mam guided me to make my will power strong. I did as she suggested, and finally, I got my Lama fera initiation. The workshop was just amazing.

After the class that negativity again tried to influence my mind. When I was returning back, my bike suddenly stopped working. Somehow, I managed to go to the nearest fuel station, even then it did not start working. I got frustrated, and that negativity started influencing my mind by giving me negative thoughts about the initiation; and for a moment, I literally started thinking “why did I go there?”. I was frustrated, then suddenly a few auto rickshaw drivers approached me and offered me a help. Previously also I used to stuck in such types of problems; but, was never able to receive any help. This was really a surprise to me. They helped me and dropped me to my home. The whole night I was trying to understand this incidence.

All I will say is, Thank You Anandi ji

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