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Dinesh Tripathi

I approached Mmystic Knot for past Life Regression as I was going through relationship problems in my life. My first fiancée left me without giving any reason and my marriage is also not working. I wanted to know the reason of these things. I was also having very weird types of dream, in which I use to see myself as a Ruler in Battle Gound.

In my regression I got clarity about why these things were happening. I saw myself as a famous ruler of 1500 century. Though I was very powerful but was not considerate for others. I was a cruel king. Then I saw my relationship with my first Fiancée and I saw that I made many false promises to her and then rejected her because she was of low tribe. She cursed me that I would never be able to get love in my life, and I was laughing at her. Then I saw my relationship with my wife. She was a dancer and use to dance in the court of some other ruler. I wanted to get her and for that I defeated that ruler and took the lady in my possession. I was so obsessed on her that I wanted to marry her though I was already a married man. For me she was just my property.

She didn’t like me as I was cruel and use to flow blood just to be powerful, so she refused to marry me. I cut her head with my sword and she too cursed me that I would never be able to get a happy life.

Nitu tried to heal both the situations during regression, so asked me to realize my mistake and sincerely apologize to both the ladies. I tried but none of them forgave me. But I am sure about one thing that if I have realized my mistake and I am feeling sorry by heart and I am not going to treat others like this, God will definitely Forgive me.

Next day after this session I actually saw a miracle. I was stuck in the Divorce case and nothing was happening but after this Realization, my case also starting working out. Now I am at peace as now at least I know my mistake and how to rectify it.


Dinesh Tripathi


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