I am Amar. I came to know about Mmystic knot through the website when I was going through a difficult phase of my life and I was not able to understand why? I had read about past life regression, so I asked mam for the same. In the beginning, she refused and said only after knowing about your problem and state of mind, I will do PLR with you. I met her and told her about my situation. My mother was bedridden and I was taking care of her as a nurse, my own married life was disturbing and I was not able to work outside. I was jobless till 2 years, and I could not understand why these things were happening and how long will they go? And what should I do in such circumstances.

In my session I saw the reason of my mother’s problem and she herself was responsible for her state. After that, I could have got a clarity about my life and I arranged the things accordingly. Now I pay her my attention, but I am also fulfilling my other responsibilities after knowing the reason of her problem.

This session was really very helpful for me.

Thanks Mam

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