About Us


The Mmystic Knot is an India based Healings and Spiritual educational organization, that is founded by Anandi Devi in 2009 by the divine guidance. It is an independent organization, and it is not affiliated with any kind of spiritual or riligious structure. Since 2009, we are actively working for the welfare of the humanity. Till now, through our services, many people have experienced a complete and a positive transformation in their personality, in their way of thinking and feeling, in mental clarity and their decision-making powers, a level of understanding, and also in dealing with the challenges of life.



  • To provide the correct and experiential knowledge about the self, life, divine laws governing the human life, universal principles, karmic patterns that produce sufferings, and the ways to break these patterns to solve the mystery of the life.
  • To correct the wrong beliefs and the adultered knowledge passed on to the humans by some ignorant souls, which people are practicing in a state of ignorance.
  • To help people in raising their consciousness so that they themselves could find out an exit way from their world of pains and sufferings.
  • To help the people in the journey of "Realizing the self – to – transforming the lower self" into the divine self.
  • To help the people in leading a life aligned with the divine laws to experience the peace and joy in their life.



A Human life journey starts with the life. In the mid-way, it encounters with the maya or the illusion created by the mind and it gets trapped in its game and forgets the self. In this state of forgetfulness, it starts breaking the divine laws and get trapped in various karmic patterns. These patterns create various problems in different areas of life.

We help people in:

  • Understanding the lower self, its problems, and their reasons via our different kinds of sessions.
  • Understanding the higher self.
  • Understanding the game of the and ways to overcome.
  • Understanding the karmic patterns and ways to get a freedom from these.
  • Healing the strong impressions of the sub-conscious mind that literally make the above steps almost impossible.



  • Mmystic Knot doesn't compromise with the quality of services; and hence, a selection of a teacher plays an important role in our organization. Teaching is a job of responsibility, and one needs to become especially careful when it is non-substantial in nature. We don't allow unevolved, or non-experienced, or impure, or unhealed souls to use our platform to mislead the public. 
  • We value our commitments, we make with our clients and also with the Almighty Father. 
  • We value our client's time, money, and the faith they show in us by choosing us. In Mmystic Knot, our client's investment is always in safe hands.
  • We do not promote any religion; rather, we strictly oppose this system that divides a human from his fellow brothers and sisters.
  • We do not encourage any kinds of discrimination based on material wealth, skin colour, gender, nation, race, social status, religion, cast, education, and other types of material achievements. 
  • We encourage people to use their God-given discrimination power, instead of following anyone or everyone blindly.
  • We help people in strengthening their faith in the Almighty, without promoting any kinds of superstitious practices.
  • We strictly oppose the practices like idol worship or giving a human, a godly treatment. 
  • We believe in strengthening the weak, instead of trying to control their will.
  • We believe in Oneness and Equality.



In future, we see ourselves helping the people in their divine transformation process; where, together we could create a Heaven on the Earth.



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