About Us

If you are caring and understanding person, a patient and sensitive listener, committed and concerned, want to positively change your life and ready to make efforts for the same, longing for your personal growth in all aspects of life … Then, you are at right place as we provide permanent solution of your problems.

Reasons of all our suffering is our ignorance and separation from the creation and its universal laws. While we all are Divine Beings and abundance is our Birth Rights, even than we are suffering in one way or another just because we are not in harmony with the Divine laws.

Mmystic knot is trying to create that lost Harmony and the connection with the creation again by providing Mystical and Spiritual knowledge of karmas, Divine Laws, super consciousness, God, Life, Soul, Divine Beings, Law of Attraction, Blocks and much more.

But only getting Knowledge is not enough as all our old habits of our previous lives are still in our DNA, which create hurdle when we try to change something in our lifestyle or thinking process. As we have not worked upon our old habits since ages, these got ripen in our cells and become very difficult to remove or change.

For this Mmystic knot is trying to provide many Energy Healing Initiations, that has The Power to directly work upon these habits and change them. After that we would be able to use our knowledge to find our truth and get freedom from all our sufferings, ignorance, scarcity, fears etc., by using these Miraculous Healing Energies.

Our Aim is to spread Divine knowledge and Divine Healings Globally so that every Human Being who is trying to find solution of his/her problems, may get a Permanent Solution and more and more Beings walk towards light and get freedom from illusion.

Mmystic Knot is working upon the lives of Human Beings and their problems . We are trying to provide you a never ending peace and happiness – If you are in Search of that, you are Dedicated enough and are Receptive also.

We are mainly working upon the problems related to the following areas of Human Life.

  • Problems related to Mind: What we think we become. We help you to Understand your mind, with what kind of thoughts it is Occupied and how to Tame this mind for thinking positive.
  • Problems related to Physical Body and it Physiology: We help you to understand your Physical Body, its Functioning and its relationship with you. We help you to provide the Holistic Solution of all the problems related to your Physical Body.
  • Problems related to our Emotions: Are you in control of your Emotions are your Emotions are in your control? We help you to understand what type of Emotions are playing important part in your life how to release unhealthy emotions and create balance with Emotions.
  • Problems related to Society: Society is playing a very important role in every Human Being’s Life. We help you to understand the meaning of True and Healthy Society that can support you in your growth so that you could choose or create the one for you. Major part of our problems is the result of our society we chose, consciously or unconsciously.
  • Problems related to lack of knowledge: A person with no Eyes cant explain about light. Darkness can exist only till there is no light and after seeing the Light, one can know he or she was in Darkness. We try to show the Divine light of truth and wisdom through which you could remove the darkness of illusion and separation.
  • Problems related to Religion: Again Religion was made for Man. Man was not made for Religion. We help you to understand the true meaning of Religion, so that you yourself may know what is Good for you.
  • We also help you to understand the Divine qualities of God/Super Consciousness. Unfortunately due to false interpretation of God by some people, we have disconnected ourselves with God as these people presented wrong image of God in front of us and in our ignorance we accepted whatever was being told to us. Mmystic knot tries to make that connection again.
  • We help you to understand the Theory of Karmas, Learnings, and Karmic Blocks. So that you could work upon them and transform yourself again into a Divine Being.
  • We help you to understand the Principles of Divine Law and how they work.

 “May all beings of Earth be happy, at peace, learn their lessons and heal their souls. May there be light of wisdom that removes darkness of ignorance.”

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