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About The Organizer

Anandi is the Founder and the Organizer of the Mmystic knot. She is a Soul Healer. She is eqipped with the complete knowledge of the Self, the Creator, divine laws, soul diseases, and soul healing. She possesses various powerful energies required to remove the diseases from the different bodies of a soul. 

Anandi is an ancient soul and she is gifted with the divine mystical knowledge that comes directly from the Cosmos. Her Knowledge is not just a raw theoretical type of Knowledge; but, it is the knowledge that she has gained through her own life experiences. She is born with the God-gifted skill to unlock the deep meaning of the words written in various Scriptures. She has mastered the art of reading people, understanding human emotions, and behavior of the mind where all the thoughts and feelings arise.

Anandi is a spiritual soul and she is a firm believer of God since her birth; but, she strictly opposes the dogmatic religious practices. Her spiritual journey in this life began in 2010 when She started connecting to the mysteries of the hidden world. She started observing Miraculous Changes in her Thoughts, her Personality, her Decision-Making Powers, her level of confidence, her Life Situations, her Faith in God, and in many other areas of her life. She started realizing her Psychic Gifts, which she was unaware of till now. After that, she dedicated herself completely to the healing world. Today she is providing the correct knowledge and healings to the society. Till now, many people have got benefited from her sessions, classes, and therapies. Many of her students and clients have found a Complete Transformation in their Lives and Personality.

Anandi is a passionate Spiritual Teacher, a Psychotherapist, a Past-life therapist, a Karmic Counselor, and a Spiritual Healer. She believes that spiritual and material lives can not be separated; rather, need to be balanced, and should be in harmony with each other. For Anandi, the entire Universe is her Family and she wants to make all her Family Members Happy and Free from the Human Life Sufferings. Her dream is to create a Divine World where people could understand the meaning of teh divine life and would transform them accordingly.

To know more about Anandi, connect her at LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/anandi-devi-

“Live and Let Others Live”

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