About The Founder and The Organizer

Anandi is the Founder and the Organizer of the Mmystic knot. She is a Soul Healer and is equipped with the complete knowledge of a soul, its outer bodies, their diseases, a process of disease, and the treatment according to the divine laws that are governing the human life.


Academic Qualifications

Academically, Anandi is a Post Graduate in IBM from London, UK. She had also practiced as an Interior Designer in her early years and is proficient in working with many designing softwares.


Spiritual Background and Qualifications

Spiritually, Anandi has her roots in the Ancient Atlantis. She is a student of master Thoth, since her ancient lives. Her wisdom comes from the mystical source, which is beyond the understanding of an ordinary person. However, she has gained the theoretical knowledge about various subjects related to the different areas of the human life via different human sources, which is unlocked to her by her divine masters. She has studied Ayurveda, Naturopathy, VedicYogaa, Astrology and many other prediction sciences, Body anatomy and its physiology, Hypnosis, and different kinds of Holistic healings. She has received master level initiations in different kinds of Cosmic Energies. She was born with the knowledge of Scriptures, which she later on, explained in her facebook group.


Family Background

Being a self-realized enlightened soul, Anandi has realized her truth and she calls God her parent. For her, members of the light brotherhood are her family, and the humans that reflect godly qualities in them – are her family members


Healing Background

Anandi has known that healing is an ongoing process. Each human has to heal the self till one is not transformed completely into the light. She is practicing healing regularly since 2009 and has helped many souls in making them understand the true meaning of healing and a correct way of its application.


Specialty of Anandi

  • Her love for God and her unwavering faith in God, through which, she creates her own reality and also helps other children of God in their life journey.
  • She explains not merely the theoretical knowledge passed on to her by someone else; rather, she teaches her own soul journey experiences that she has found to be true by her soul consciousness.
  • Her magical power to create an Alchemy. This magic is not in the candles or other stuff of matter; but, it is in the consciousness of a being that ultimately creates one's reality.
  • Her purity and dedication towards her masters and the work assigned to her by the Almighty Father.
  • She believes in strengthening the weak, instead of controlling the one.


Anandi's Definition of Spirituality

Spirituality is to realize one's true self and transform self into what one has realized. in other words, "living a life with the divine consciousness, respecting the divine laws – reflecting godly qualities in one's character, rather than in words or rituals".


Anandi's Vision

Through Mmystic Knot, Anandi wants to remove the blindfolds of the wrong beliefs and of the wrong knowledge from the eyes of the innocent people. She wants to help as many souls in their healings and evolution as much she can. She wants to create a divine society, where she could teach people the meaning of being divine.

"A Kingdom of heaven is nowhere. It is inside each of us – We only need to recognize and take our first step" Amen!


To know more about Anandi, connect her at   https://www.linkedin.com/in/anandi-dv-82b8a3a6




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