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About Organiser

10885428_819020681523186_6554562866498007049_nAnandi is the founder and organizer of the Mmystic knot. She is a graduate from the Delhi University; and is a post graduate from London University. She is the Grand Master in many Cosmic Healing Energy courses and is a Master in all the courses she teaches. She is an authorized Master Teacher in karuna Reiki, Magnified Healing, Merlin Trinity, Melchizedek symbols, Giadon Heart etc. She has developed and introduced many other courses like, Mantra Healing, Yoga practice according to Ancient Vedas, healing with Cosmic Beings, Healing with Twelve Rays etc. She possesses the knowledge of most of the Scriptures; and also preaches as and when required. 

She started her spiritual journey in 2009 from Delhi. Before 2009, she was working as an Interior Designer.Throughout her life journey, she had been a spiritual soul. She was a Firm Believer of God and a Non-Believer of following Rituals Blindly. She got her First Reiki Attunement in 2009, and after that, she kept on practicing healing techniques and made healings as an important part of her life. She found Miraculous Changes in her Thoughts, her Personality, her Decision-Making Powers, her Life Situations, her Faith in God and in many other areas of her life. She experienced miracles in her life and now things started working for her, instead of she was working for the things. She started realizing her Hidden Divine and Psychic Gifts, which she was unaware of till now.

First, she worked upon herself, and enhanced her knowledge and skills by reading Holy Scriptures and Ancient Vedas; and by learning and practicing different Healing Courses; then she decided to spread these wonderful gifts among people who were also in search and need of such gifts.

ANANDI is a passionate Spiritual Teacher, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, and a Spiritual Healer. She practiced her work in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, London, and Scotland. Till now many people have got benefited from her Sessions, Therapies,  and Teachings. Many of her students and clients have found a Complete Transformation in their Lives and Personality.

She believes that life is the best teacher and if one is connected with one's inner self, is a good observer, then one has no need of any other teacher. But until one doesn’t reach to that stage, guidance of a genuine teacher is a must and required.

“No book or teacher can make you wise, to be wise you have to go deep inside you, where your wisdom has been locked by you and untouched since ages. Wisdom has nothing to do with your Biological Age, Wisdom is the product of experiences of a soul’s journey of many lifetimes. As, lord Buddha got Enlightenment at the age of 36 only, any soul can reach to that stage by working upon self. It is a Myth, that to be Wise, you need to be Old."

For Anandi, the whole Universe is her Family and she wants to make all her Family Members Happy and Free from the Sufferings. Her Dream is to “Remove Darkness of Ignorance, and Spread Light of Wisdom, in which people could see their truth and reasons of their suffering and remove them by healing themselves and by allowing God’s light to enter in their lives.”

To know more about Anandi, connect us at LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/anandi-devi-

“Live and Let Others Live”


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