The Five Sheaths – Panch Koshas


A soul is considered to be enveloped in five different sheaths, which we call Pancha kosha. These koshas deal with the different aspects of a human being, i.e. – physical, astral, mental, emotional, and spiritual. A study of five the sheaths helps one to understand the role of each sheath in one’s life, a relationship between these five, and a way to create a harmony among these, in order to attain the highest goal of the human life – the liberation – Freedom from the earthly life by completing the earthly lessons.


    Course Details   

Course Duration: 8-9 hours

Energy Exchange for an Individual Class: 11000 INR

Energy Exchange for a group of two persons: 9000 INR

Energy Exchange for a group of more than two persons: 5500 INR

Course Content:

5 Sheaths – five layers of the human existence

5 Sheaths: divided into three bodies.

The food sheath

The vital air sheath

The mind sheath

The intellect sheath

The bliss sheath



*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate 

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