Body Language

The Body Language is a non-verbal form of communication, which is more reliable in comparison to the language of words. It is a language, which even a deaf person can understand and a dumb person can speak. Not only humans; but, animals also use this language to exchange their messages.

People use different body parts like eyes, lips, ears, hands, legs, to make this communication possible. An understanding of this language can help an individual to read people more easily. This language also puts one in a better position to communicate effectively even with the strangers.


       Course Details      

Course Duration: 8-9 hours

Energy Exchange for an Individual Class: 11000 INR

Energy Exchange for a group of two persons: 9000 INR

Energy Exchange for a group of more than two persons: 5500 INR

Course Content:

Understanding the language of
• Eyes

• Mouth

• Head

• Arms

• Hands

• Handshake

• Legs and feet

• Personal space

Mirroring – matching body language signals

Bowing and curtseying body language

First impressions and confidence

Difficult meetings and defensiveness





*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

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