Body Anatomy and Physiology of the Astral and the Physical Body

A human body is a composition of three bodies – Causal, Astral, and the Physical. Among these, the causal body is the subtlest and the physical body is the densest in nature. The human senses have a limitation to perceive only the physical body; and hence, these understand a disease in context to the flesh body; while in truth, all the three bodies are equally responsible for the health and well-being of an individual.

This is a basic course for the students, who don’t have a science background and also are strangers about the human energy body; but, want to practice the healings in their life. It is a must requirement for a healer to be fulfilled that she/he must have a complete knowledge of anatomy and the physiology of the physical and the astral human body. This knowledge enables a healer to understand the disease, its cause, its process of manifestation, and also the best healing treatment.



     Course Details     

Course Duration: 40-45 hours appx.

Energy Exchange for an Individual Class: 40000 INR

Energy Exchange for a group of two persons: 31000 INR

Energy Exchange for a group of more than two persons: 25000 INR

Course Content:

Study of Different body systems

Study of the main organs

Study of the cells

Understanding the DNA

Understanding the anatomy of the astral/energy body

Understanding the physiology of the physical body

Understanding the physiology of the astral body

Understanding the relationship between the two bodies

Stages of a disease



*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

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