I Ching


I-Ching is a Chinese oracle that involves, determining the hexagram by a method of random generation and then reading the text associated with that hexagram. It is a complex art of studying a person’s surrounding situation with the help of the nature elements. It is Remarkably Informative, Accurate, and Helpful.

     Course Details    

Course Duration: 30 hours appx.

Energy Exchange for an Individual Class: 44,000 INR

Course Content:

The I-Ching structure

The I-Ching usage

The I-Ching key concepts

In-depth explanation of nature elements

Alchemy with the help of nature

The I-Ching and tarot card comparison

The I-Ching space-time model 

The I-Ching configuration of the user

The I-Ching usage in common practice

Introduction of hexagrams

Getting hexagrams

Interpretation of the hexagrams

I-Ching table

*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

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