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I Ching

I – Ching is The Ancient Chinese form of Divination. It is Remarkably Informative, Accurate, and Helpful.


I-Ching is a way of getting answers of life’s complex question with of help of I-Ching coins. In this technique, we throw 3 coins and draw hexagram with that. Then we study the deep meaning of hexagram.

It is a very powerful and accurate technique. I-Ching is an Oracle involves determining the hexagram by a method of random generation and then reading the text associated with that hexagram, and is a form of bibliomancy.

It Reveals the Wisdom of Master Tao through Hexagrams.


Course Content

The I Ching — Structure

The I Ching — Usage

The I Ching — Key Concepts

The I Ching — Tarot Card Comparison

The I Ching — Space-Time Model Basis: determinism

The I Ching — Configuration of the User/Universe

The I Ching — Usage in Common Practice

Introduction of Hexagrams

Interpretation of Hexagrams

I Ching Table

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