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Healing With Archangels

Archangels are the higher beings that belong to the higher dimensions in the celestial hierarchy of the Universe. They prove to be the best friends of the wandering souls who have forgotten their divine truth. Angels help in recalling that lost memory and helping in completing the hard tests of the human life. They also work as the messengers of God. Each Archangel represents one of the many unique qualities of the Infinite God. These higher beings are always ready to help the pure children of God that are in pain. Archangels heal various problems of the human life. They initiate the receiver with their unique energy and heal that particular aspect of his being and his life. Archangels also help in the ascension process of an individual by bringing a transformation in his consciousness.


        First Level      

Course Duration: 6 hours

Energy Exchange: 8500 INR

Course Content:

Introduction of Archangels

Interacting with Archangels

Angel meditation to find out the guardian angel

Invoking the angels

Introduction of the 15 healing archangels

Archangel's colours and crystal corresponding to them

Creating an alter for the angels

Healings through Archangels

Incense oils corresponding to different Archangels

Affirmation to get rid of the past life issues

Number sequence for angels


       Second Level       

Course Duration: 6 hours

Energy Exchange: 10,000 INR

Course Content:

Celestial hierarchy of the angels

Angels of the first triad

Angels of the second triad

Angels of the third triad


Spirit guides

Guardian angels


Fallen angels

Meditation for nature guide

Healing with archangels

Removing the karmic blocks

Psychic healing through Archangels

Physical ailment

Releasing entities, thought forms, earthbound spirits



*Prices include the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

*The above-listed prices are for the individual classes.

*There is a discount of 5% for the group classes (two students)

*There is a discount of 10% for the group classes (more than two students)

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