Vastu Shastra


Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science that is designed to guide the layout of workplaces, houses, temples and other buildings in order to create a harmony with the laws of the nature. When a part of a free space is isolated and is confined by four walls, the structure of that building becomes a living organism, and space enclosed starts vibrating in a particular manner and in a particular numerical order.

In Nature, everything is energy, either it is living or is non-living. An individual’s surrounding atmosphere directly affects the health and well-being of that person. A mind cannot be at peace and perform at its hundred percent capacity if it is surrounded by the objects that are releasing the negative energies. Vastu Shastra helps in re-arranging a space according to the need of an individual in a positive manner, which helps in attracting an overall prosperity.



        Course Details       

Course Duration: 30-40 hours appx.

Energy Exchange for an Individual Class: 39000 INR

Energy Exchange for a group of two persons: 36000 INR

Energy Exchange for a group of more than two persons: 25000 INR

Course Content:

Choosing a land 
Different types of soil and soil test
Construction part
Priorities of a good land.
Shape of plot and plot construction
Finding directions using magnet compass.
Directions and zones in Vastu
A concept of sun and moon.
A concept of thermal balance.
A concept of relative matter density.
The slope of a land.
Energies affecting the Vastu.
Road Energies
Male and female energies concept
Five basic elements concept.
Outside elements affecting the Vastu.
A relation between human and space.
Definition of Vastu.
Digging of land
Gate installation
Entrance– effects, and defects of zones
Vedi Shula- T-point
Vastu for All Rooms.
Cleansing before Grahpravesh
Vastu for society/flats/apartments
Vastu for offices
General Remedies for all
Specific remedies
Crystals for Vastu

Colours in Vastu
Reading layout plans of buildings/flats
Preparing Vastu Report
Introduction of Lecher antenna 



*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

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