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Mudra Vigyan

mudraMudras are the Hand Gestures or Positions which connect small chakra points on the hands thus channeling energy directly through the appropriate psychic channel in the arms and through the body. Mudras should have indicated these positions have a Holistic Affect causing Improvement in Efficiency of Mind, Body and Soul, therefore you may see some overlap in mudra options for health and spiritual development.

Course Content

Mudra Vigyan

What are Mudras

Where and How Mudras Originated

Mudras in Therapy

A scientific look of mudra vigyan

Yoga Tatva (Yoga related to the elements)

How to Practice Mudras

Specific Ailments/Problems/Symptoms when a particular Element is in Enhanced state

Specific ailments/problems/symptoms when a particular element is in Depleted state

Simple Rules of Increasing/ Decreasing/ And Balancing the Elements

Different Mudras

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