72 Angels Reading


Seventy-two Angels are the seventy-two qualities of God, which each human being has to cultivate in self in order to complete the human life journey successfully. Angels help in healing the original blueprint of an individual. They also help in knowing the soul purpose of one’s life and to work upon that purpose. Each being was born with some unique divine quality, which angels bring into awareness. They also help to understand and heal the negative karmas of a person that has blocked his growth.

     Course Details    

Course Duration: 20 hours appx.

Energy Exchange for an Individual Class: 27,000 INR

Course Content:

Origin, description, and purpose of the seventy-two Angels

In-depth explanation of the seventy-two qualities

Finding the soul purpose by knowing the three birth angels

Working with the personal Guardian Angel

Understanding the wrong karmas and learnings related to them

Receiving angel’s message via channeling

Creating the healing-mandala

*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

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