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72 Angels Reading

angels-reading72 Angels are the 72 Names of God. 72 Angels represent 72 Divine Qualities of God, which we all need to work upon for our Ascension.72 Angel tradition started in 11th and 12th century in school of kabbalah. These Angels work with us in knowing our Special Quality, which we had in our 1st incarnation, and has forgotten now. They help us getting our Original Blue Print, by Healing us. They also help us in knowing Our True Soul Purpose and working upon that. These Angels belong to different Sephirot on Tree of Life. They help us in dealing with our current problem as well as working with our Soul Purpose. Since our first Incarnation each of us has 3 Birth Angels.

This course helps us to find our Birth Angels and their Divine Qualities and to Understand where we have lost those qualities and how to get them back to become a complete Human Being.

course content

What the 72 Angels are

Origin, Description, and Purpose of 72 Angels

The Angelic Inhabitants of the Tree Of Life

How The 72 Angels Fit into our World Today

The purpose of 72 Angels on Earth

Working with our Personal Divine Guardians

Eating from the Angelic Tree of Life Everyday

How The 72 Angels Fit into our World Today

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