Ark Vidya


The word ‘Ark’ means Sun. Sun is a symbol of a new beginning, abundance, fame, prosperity, leadership, and elimination of the darkness. This course brings an overall prosperity followed by the wisdom in the life of the practitioner.

The Ark Vidya healing intends to cleanse the willing students into an easy and a systematic receptive mode of cosmic consciousness, encoding them into peaceful attitudes, good health, love for all, keeping them away from the stress, ego, anxiety, fear, worry, tension, and all lower kind of emotions and thoughts. It attempts to take each and every student to a higher level of spiritual consciousness and to develop his natural healing powers.

This course is an Initiation in becoming a channel for calling the Ultra-K Mega healing powers for the highest good, peace, divine love, and an overall abundance.



Basic Level


Advanced Level


Vajrakeelan Cleansing Level

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