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Ark Vidya

arc-vidyaArk Means Sun. Sun is a symbol of New Beginnings, Abundance, Fame, Prosperity, Leadership Qualities and Removal of Darkness by Spreading Light.

Ark Vidya has energies of lord Sun and if you have entered into the Ark Orbit, that means you were silently invited by Lord Sun- who rides across the skies in his wheeled Chariot drawn by 7 horses with the white Hooves. He holds lotus flowers in his two hands which symbolizes fertility, spiritual glory and enlightenment.

Ark Vidya is a two level course, intend to cleanse the willing students into easy and systematic receptive mode of cosmic consciousness, encoding them into peaceful attitudes, good health, love for all, love for all religions, love for the entire universe, keeping them away from stress, ego, anxiety, fear, worry and tension.

Ark Vidya attempts to take each and every student to the higher levels of spiritual consciousness as guided by the Ascended Masters and develop natural healing powers.

Ark Vidya strives to develop good mental and physical health through vedic and yogic understandings, pranayama, meditations, positive mental attitude, self confidence, visualizations, affirmations, and the wonderful Initiations of Mantras, Mudras and Sadhnas.

This course is an Initiation in becoming a channel for calling the Ultra-K Mega Healing Powers into your finger tips, for the Highest Good, Peace and Unconditional Universal Divine Love.

Basic Level


Advanced Level


Vajrakeelan Cleansing Level

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