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Yog Maya

yog-mayaYogmaya is a Combination of the Energies of All Deities, Gurus, Universal Planets and 5 Elements. According to Mythology Yogmaya is called “Devi”. It’s a very simple meditation process to heal past karmas, sorrows and diseases. It is a high frequency gaining process to gain success in spiritualism and astral science powers.

Yogmaya is a Deep Meditation Process to take in the diseases of others by the Masters in his own body and defuse the same in divine.

The world came to existence with integration of two forces (duality), Man and Women; Positive and Negative; Shiva and Shakti; Prakrti and Purusha. Where one force played an Active role and other just Adapted to it giving it a shape Passively. And then these forces multiplied in process of creation multifariously and took many shapes. When we now see the world, it seems to consist of many building blocks but if we trace our existence we are coming from only two forces.

So Yogmaya is referring to this Integrated Illusion only. Yoga literally means to Add and Maya means the Illusion that believes something which is actually nonexistent.
Yogamaya is formed with Trinity- comes to unison and descends from universe to start then to humanity. This is very Powerful High Potency Healing course in further contrast to lama fera.

Yogmaya carries more than 100 symbols with integration of one Master Symbol aiming to answer every problem symbolically. Yogmaya is The Ultimate Freedom from All the Illusions.

Course Content

What is Yogmaya

Yogmaya According to Hindu Mythology

Healing with Yogmaya

Who can learn Yogmaya

How to learn Yogmaya

Benefits of learning Yogmaya

Invocation Prayer for Yogmaya

Practicing Yogmaya Kriya

Yogmaya symbol

Healing with Yogmaya Symbol

40 days Siddhikaran process

Yogmaya Meditations

Initiation of Master Symbol

Initiation Process

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