The Yogmaya Healing


The word ‘Yogmaya’ is a combination of two words – Yoga and Maya. Yoga literally means to unite, and Maya means the Illusion – that believes in something, which is actually non-existent. The Yogmaya is the ultimate freedom from the illusion of the nature by integrating the two opposite forces that exist in the nature. These opposite forces are called duality that has hidden the reality by creating a very strong illusion at a mind level. This duality splits the reality into two equally opposite forces; for instance, man/woman, dark/light, yin/yang to name a few. Where one force played an active role, the other just adapted to it giving it a form passively; and then, these forces multiplied in the process of creation multifariously and took many shapes.

Yogamaya healing is a very powerful high potency healing course in further contrast to the lama fera. Where lama fera begins the enlightenment process of an individual, Yogmaya ends the human life journey by removing the veil of the illusion.

     Healer Level    

Course Duration: 5-6 hours

Energy Exchange: 9,900 INR

     Master Level    

Course Content :

Energy Exchange: 29,000 INR

*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

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