Cosmic Beings – Ascended Masters, Chohans, Elohims, and Archangels

cosmic-beingsAscended Masters are the evolved human beings who gathered the courage to break the veil of the illusion and go beyond it. They too faced the same challenges, which most of the humans face; but, they did not allow the outer circumstances to overtake them.the nature within themselves and thus were undeterred by the forces outside of themselves. Having become their I AM Presence-in-Action upon the Earth, they were able to ascend into the fullness of their presence at the conclusion of their final incarnation.of

Now, as the Masters of Life, they are assisting the struggling humanity to fulfill its divine destiny through imparting their Love, their Light, their Wisdom, and their very Life — and are urging the humans to boldly follow their footsteps.

Ascended Masters can be found in every country, of every cultural, nationality, and ethnic background, and may come from ancient times all the way through modern times. Some examples of Ascended Masters would be Jesus, Mother Mary Magdalen, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr. and other Saints, Gods, Goddesses, and other Deities.

In this course, you will get an introduction of the qualities of all of these ascended beings and will also get initiations from them. This course is for the people who want to Ascend them in the Super Consciousness Realm. All the Masters helps you heal you the different aspects of your reality so that your process of Ascension becomes fast.


       Course Details      

Course Duration: 10-12 hours

Energy Exchange: 25,000 INR

Course Content:

Great Invocation prayer

Introduction of all the Cosmic Beings

Initiation of the powers of all the Cosmic Beings

Different Retreats

Invocation for Specific Need/Healing



*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

*The above-listed prices are for the individual classes.

*There is a discount of 5% for the group classes (more than two students)


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