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Cosmic Beings – Asecnded Masters, Chohans, Elohims, and Archangels

cosmic-beingsAscended Masters have all been where we are today, have faced the same challenges, and have Mastered Them by mastering themselves, for all Attainment comes from within out. Like unascended men and women, they did not seclude themselves from the world, but lived at the very center of the events of their day. However, they did not allow outer circumstances to overtake them. Rather, they made their God Presence the center of their being and, from within the Reality of their I AM Presence; they mastered the forces of nature within themselves and thus were undeterred by forces outside of themselves. Having become their I AM Presence-in-Action upon the Earth, they were able, as did Jesus, to ascend into the fullness of their Presence at the conclusion of their final incarnation.

Now, as Masters of Life, they have vowed to assist our struggling humanity to fulfill its Divine Destiny through imparting their Love, their Light, their Wisdom, their very Life — and are urging us to boldly follow in their footsteps. As Jesus instructed, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else will be given unto thee." To be wrapped in the Radiance of an Ascended Master is to touch the coattails of Heaven. This is but one of the many Blessings awaiting those determined to pursue their Divine Destiny.

Ascended Masters can be found in every country, of every cultural, nationality, and ethnic background, and may come from ancient times all the way through modern times. Some examples of Ascended Masters would be Jesus, Mother Mary Magdalen, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr. and other Saints, Gods, Goddesses, and other Deities.

In this course you get an Introduction of the Qualities of All These Divine Beings and Get Initiation from them. This course is for the people who want to Ascend them in Super Consciousness Realm. All the Masters heal you at different levels of your life so that your process of Ascension become Fast.

Course Content

Great Invocation prayer

Introduction of all the Cosmic Beings

Initiation of powers of all the Cosmic Beings

Different Retreats

Invocation for Specific Need/Healing

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