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Violet Flame And Twelve Rays of God

vilote-flameThe Rays may be fundamentally summed up as being The Energies of The Creator / Source / God (whatever phrase you choose) which has been stepped down and “divided” into aspects and smaller components, to make all that has been created function effectively and efficiently.

Each of the Rays has at its head an Ascended Master of great experience in working with that Ray energy, who is its Chohan or overseer. Many of the Ascended Masters, including the Chohans, will as part of their duties take on governance of one or more Ashrams – places of learning and guidance where we may travel in our soul bodies whilst our physical body is at rest and when we are in our soul bodies between incarnations. They also attend and support us in many aspects of our learning and growth throughout daily life, even though they are usually unseen and unacknowledged. All are open to our requests for assistance and help, although they may not step in and act without our consent – so we do need to ask, and work consciously with them to gain the most benefit.

The Ascended Masters have worked with mankind throughout the centuries. Most of the time in the past the Ascended Masters have worked in the background. Each of the Ascended Masters is “Chohan” or Master of a particular ray.

The Twelve Rays are the Twelve Planetary Rays that exist on this planet. Each is a stepped down version of the original cosmic rays at the Creator levels. This does not mean they are not powerful, on the contrary they are perfectly powerful for all of us here on Earth. Each human being is created from many of these rays, which give us our attributes. Each of us are stronger in some rays and weaker in others. That is why it is important to call on the rays to balance oneself.

If you want personal power, call on the red ray. If you want cleansing, call on the eighth ray. If you are doing scientific work, call on the fifth ray. If you want devotion, call on the sixth ray. If you want transmutation, call on the seventh ray. If you want pure Christ consciousness, call on the twelfth ray. If you want to attract your body of light, call on the ninth ray.  You can balance yourself daily or use the rays in meditation in order to speed up your spiritual progress.

Message By Saint Germain

I Am Saint Germain the Mahachohan; this means that I assist the Planetary Logos Lord Buddha in overseeing the mission and purpose of the Rays of light. I predominantly oversee the third ray of light which is focused on manifestation. The third ray of light assists all twelve rays of light in materializing and anchoring into the Earth. It is for this reason that I supervise the rays three to seven as these are most needed on the Earth currently and are extensions of the third ray of light.

Each ray of light extends from the Creator's mighty soul through the universe and anchors into the planetary level of the Creator's universe. A ray of light holds its own special vibrations and colours expressing certain valued sacred qualities of the Creator's soul. I wish to share the main principles of the twelve rays of light to begin to clear all false beliefs and false information that is circulated.
People have connected to and understood the rays of light for many years, channels have brought through the meanings of the rays and the masters connected to them to
help others evolve and experience the rays. Many are forgetting that as the Earth and humanity grow and evolve so do the rays of light and their chohans. Especially in this current time many masters are occupying the positions of chohan or governor of the rays for a limited amount of time as they are evolving to new positions to allow others to learn and grow with the assistance of the rays of light.

Many people continue to use information that was given years ago as their guide to connecting with the rays, this is fine but much has occurred since. As time doesn't exist on the inner planes people on the Earth can still connect with the past chohans and draw on the energies of the rays of light but it is important for you to focus on connecting with the new energies and higher vibrations of the rays that are available in our modern day.

It is important for all to remember that the rays of light have become stronger than ever before, they are integrating deeply as one as are their chohans which is making it increasingly difficult to distinguish which master is overseeing which ray of light. Many are working with several rays of light. I hope that you will accept with an open heart and mind the enlightenment that I now wish to share with you all on the Earth.

I Am the Maha Chohan Saint Germain

This is a course of Very High Frequencies. This course is a Deep Understanding and Initiation of 12 Rays of God, Working with The Masters and Angels of the Rays and Healing us with the Qualities of these Rays. This course is also an Initiation to Become the Keeper of Violet Flame on Earth for Humanity.


Course Content

Twelve Planetary Rays : Meaning, Qualities

Initiation of Each Flame

Violet Flame for Personal and Planetary Healing

History of the Gold and Silver Violet Flame

ST. Germain’s Mantra Of The Silver Violet Flame

Violet Flame Initiation- Request To Become A Keeper

Evening ritual

The Accordion Breath

Additional Rays

The Flames

Ascended Masters And Chohans

Message by Master Sananda

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