Twelve Rays of The God


The Twelve Rays are the twelve different aspects of the God. The twelve ray of light extends from the Creator's mighty soul through the universe and anchors into the planetary level of the universe. Each ray of the light holds its own special vibration and colour, expressing certain valued sacred qualities of the God. The main function of the twelve rays of the light is to clear from the human mind, all the false beliefs and the false information that is circulated since ages; and thus, help one to balance oneself and speed up one’s spiritual progress.

Each of the Rays has its unique property and an ascended master of a great experience in working with that ray’s energy. The ascended masters attend and support the humans in many aspects of their learning and growth throughout their life; even though, they are usually unseen and unacknowledged.

This course is a deep understanding, and an initiation of the twelve qualities of the God, working with the masters and angels of the rays in order to create a harmony at all levels of the human existence in order to attain the liberation – the ultimate freedom!


    Course Details    

Course Duration: 8-9 hours

Energy Exchange: 12,500 INR

Course Content:

An introduction of the Twelve Planetary Rays

Initiation of each ray

Violet Flame for personal and planetary healing

History of the gold and silver violet flame

ST. Germain’s mantra of the silver violet flame

Violet flame initiation- request to become a keeper

Evening ritual

The accordion breath

Additional rays

The flames

Ascended masters and Chohan

Message by Master Sananda




*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

*The above-listed prices are for the individual classes.

*There is a discount of 5% for the group classes (more than two students)


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