Spiritual Clearing

speritualA Spiritual clearing is the cleansing of the astral energy body from all kinds of negative energies, known or unknown, by invoking the highly evolved beings of light. The process of spiritual clearing assists in the elimination of the long-standing emotions and belief systems that may lead one to depression, hopelessness, despair, frustration, rage, confusion, fear and illness.

The clearing is customized by the divine guidance to address the specific need of a situation. A situation can be related to the health, wealth, job, place, and the astral body. Each of these must be dealt separately by using a unique method and a specific assistance. Every person, place or thing that receives a clearing is helped without violating the karma of that situation.

After clearing, individual experiences a restoration period over several months. During this time, the body rejuvenates spiritually, adjusts to a new energy level, and establishes a new DNA pattern.


      Course Details      

Course Duration: 5-6 hours

Energy Exchange: 11000 INR

Course Content:

Course Content

An Introduction of the spiritual clearing

Who should have a spiritual clearing?

Benefits of a spiritual clearing

Energies of the invisible world

Spiritual clearing process step by step

Category removal

Emotional release

Closing psychic door

Removing cords and attachments

Evoking the law of forgiveness


Unblocking the cash flow lines

Other healings



*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

*The above-listed prices are for the individual classes.

*There is a discount of 5% for the group classes (two students)

*There is a discount of 10% for the group classes (more than two students)

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