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Spiritual Clearing

speritualSpiritual Clearing is a course that all must do, Specially the ones who are Beginners on spiritual path. A Spiritual Clearing is a process in which a medium utilizes in order to clear negativity from a person, pet, place or business by utilizing the assistance of Highly Evolved Spiritual Beings form the Non-Physical Worlds. A strong vortex of energy is created through prayers, mantras, affirmations and music. Through divine guidance, the medium summons the Angelic kingdom to release all levels of negative energies.

Anytime that you have a personal clearing, you should consider a home spiritual clearing. If you are a business owner there are several reasons why you will want to have a business spiritual clearing. The process of spiritual clearing assists in the elimination of long-standing emotions and belief systems that may lead to depression, hopelessness, despair, frustration, rage, confusion, fear and illness.

There are many levels of negative energy in the lower and higher astral planes and each negative energy must be removed separately using a unique method and spiritual assistance for that level. Every person, place or thing that receives a clearing is helped without violating the karma of a situation.

People report a remarkable positive change within 72 hours of a clearing. Many report experiences of an epiphany. A clearing is not a magic potion. A person needs to establish and reinforce personal boundaries by strengthening their aura with aligning thoughts and habits.

The clearing is customized by Divine Guidance to address the specific needs of each situation. After clearing, individual experiences a restoration period over several months. During this time the body is rejuvenating spiritually, adjusting to a new energy level and establishing a new normal pattern. This restoration is helped by prayers, meditation and affirmations of a positive nature or other spiritual practices on a daily basis.

The success depends on a person’s willingness to change his/her thoughts, actions and habits to effect permanent change.

If a person goes back to old destructive ways, more negative energies will return. When an individual does commit to change, he/she is awakened to the path of choice through free will and his/her spiritual journey.

Course Content

What is a Spiritual Clearing                                                   

Who Should Have a Spiritual Clearing                                  

What Are The Benefits of a Spiritual Clearing                       

Energies of The Invisible World                                              

Spiritual clearing process Step by Step                                                                                

Category removal                                                                  

Emotional release                                                                  

Closing psychic door                                   

Removing Cords and Attachments                                            

Evoking law of Forgiveness                                                        


Unblocking cash flow lines                                                         

Other Healings 

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