Prediction through Divination Tools


Prediction tools like Tarot-cards,  I-ching, Runes, Angel-cards, Horoscope, Palm, and Numbers are used to find out the cause of a problem, its possible outcome, and a guidance for the best possible solution. Divination is the art of foretelling the possible future events or enquiring into the hidden matters that cannot be perceived by the five senses – with the help of the higher consciousness.

The first thing to know about the divination tools is, that any future events they seem to predict are not set engraved in the stones, or in cards, or in a horoscope. These are the possibilities or even the opportunities, which can be changed by changing the course of the action or by healing the self.


Methods we use to  understand a situation are:

1- Palmistry

2- Tarot Reading

3- Angel Card Reading

4- I-Ching

5- Numerology

6- Runes Reading

7- 72 Angels Reading


Session Duration – 30-60 minutes
Energy Exchange for Three Questions – 2000 INR

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